Visit My Indonesia

If anyone asks “Why the hell should the roads in Indonesia?” Then the answer is, “Why not?” There are many reasons why we have roads in Indonesia. Below are some of them.

Hopefully this one could  make you want a walk in Indonesia is obligatory.

Indonesia has a wide variety of attractions, from tours monitor / ocean, mountain tourism, cultural tourism, flora fauna, culinary tourism and others. Even one of our sea travel is wakatobi been named as one of the best travel underwater at world. people go abroad flock into the Indonesia to enjoy the georgeous  motherland .. Who the hell are not familiar with komodo or Raja Ampat islands that are worldwide?
If the beach is your favorite tourist spot in Indonesia,  is a paradise for beach tourism. There are dozens of beautiful beaches in the entire archipelago stretches from the tip of Sumatra to Papua. If you are a lover of mountain tourism, Indonesia has dozens of mountains that you can visit. There are also  national garden  for you who like to enjoy the flora and fauna tour.

Indonesia is famous for its hospitality. Even in big cities like Jakarta, which individualist society though, if you ask  we’ll help as we could. If you stay in Pekanbaru for example, it would be cheaper to travel to Malaysia or Singapore as compared to trips to Eastern Indonesia (Bali, Komodo, Raja Ampat, etc. ), but remember, when you  abroad you can not find what you can find in Indonesia. You will not find Borobudur and Komodo island in another country isn’t  it?

Type of beach sand what you’re looking for? Indonesia has clean white sand as fine as powder pink too grainy. For lovers of mountains, Indonesia is the country with the most volcanoes in the world. There are many national parks for fans of flora and fauna.

With a variety of tribes, ethnicities, religions and beliefs, Indonesia has a diversity of cultures. Jakarta, a city with the largest shopping centers, suitable for a hobby shop. The historic old building, there is also.

Well, here’s a new attraction at West Sumatra [Indonesia]. Travel using an old locomotive, named Mak Itam. Mak Itam is one of the rare old train serrated in the middle. Search should search, there are only two countries that have it, namely Indonesia and Switzerland.

Here’s some pict , take a look rite naaaw! LOL






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