About Me



“I am the perfect version of me.”
― Besa Kosova

Yap. my name is Christine Natalia. I was born on December 20  in Jakarta, Indonesia. My parents are Mr.Eben and Mrs.Eva. My lil Brotha’ is Joshua and my lil sista is Grace. I love them so much. they’re my precious gift from God. anyway, i’m christian.

I appreciate friendship and people who surround me. I appreciate my relatives and my friends. They’re real treasures in my life. When I was a child, I told everyone I want to be an actress. but when I grew old and older, I’ve many plan inside my crazy brain. I want to be a writer, teacher, or maybe an entrepreneur. but everything is on God’s plan. I’m his puppet.

My hobbies are reading, singing, writing short story, poems, sleeping, eating, and get in trouble. LOL! :D I’m a WESLIFERS #WESTLIFEFOREVER , Music Addict! ,  Moody.

Uhm, I’m not kind the silly romantic you think. i’m just……. Me.



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