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Not only are these two little girls simply adorable, but their father is wildly creative when it comes to photographing them. Jason Lee is a wedding photographer who started a photo journal of his two daughters back in 2006. Simply fantastic.

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A moment To Remember: Learn to Forgive and Faithful

“Forgiveness is giving little space to hatred” (Kim Su-Jin, A Moment to Remember)

How do you face the worst past? How do you deal with people who really do you hate? And, how can you imagine if one day living with a wife or husband who is diseased? Of course, everyone will have their own way to deal with all that. However, I imagine, it’s hard to rise from adversity due to past dark, it was not easy to forgive someone so we resent having treatment in the past, let alone the patience to live with the people we love, but it gives us a “burden” more, to take care of her in sickness. All great questions, will be answered in the Korean film called A Moment to Remember.


Drama was released in 2004 is about Kim Su-Jin (Son Ye-Jin), a woman who has a dark past and a “reputation” bad, that his own office affair partner, Young-Min. He is very worried that his father hated him because he had ruined the family name. However, unexpectedly, her father even support it to forget the past and start a blue day. Until finally, he met Choi Ceol-Su (Jung Woo-Sung), an employee at his father’s construction work.

Ceol-Su is a cool guy and mysterious. The meeting begins with Su-Jin silly things, when Su-Jin seize drink at a store. Cash, at the next meeting of the silly things happening again, Ceoul-Su seems like “revenge” on the Su-Jin. It made Su-Jin falls in love with a man well built and it faced fierce. Until one day, they became close. Su-jin finally dared to express his desire to be the wife of Ceol-Su. pints-Su then rejected as “aware” of the position that only the ordinary construction workers.



Although difficult to conquer, Ceol-Su eventually married Su-Jin. Originally, Su-Jin’s father did not accept the Ceol-Su, for his work and also the family origins are unclear. After finding out, Su-Jin finally able to find out where the family Ceol-Su. His grandfather, a carpenter and keeper of the old temple and the mother of a prisoner cases of fraud. That makes Ceol-Su family’s secret identity, especially about her mother hated. However, again, because of the magnanimity of his father, Su-Jin finally allowed to marry Ceol-Su.


Doctor convicted, Kim Su-Jin Alzheimer’s.

After marriage, happiness is not received by the couple. Su-Jin sentenced to Alzheimer’s disease, a brain disease that results can not recall past alias dementia. Slowly, Su-Jin began to forget everything. Families began to feel restless and sorry for Ceol-Su. However, Ceol-Su remain determined to take care of his wife, no matter whatever the condition of his wife. With patience and the power of love has, Ceol still take care of Su-Su-Jin tirelessly.

Learn to Forgive and Faithful

Two things that’s probably the message in this movie. At the beginning, this film tells the meeting and the proximity of Su-Jin and Ceol-Su. It feels a bit loose and dull, but fairly gives two figures strongly. Su-Jin is a plain woman, innocent, yet easy fragile. From the beginning, he was seen often forget the little things, like forgetting to bring a pencil and forget the way home. While Ceol-Su, is a construction worker who was cold and hard. Although, unexpectedly, he finally could cry when I saw Su-Jin who are beginning to know her.


The father has an important role in conveying the message that forgiveness is not as difficult as imagined.

Then where the message forgive that? That is illustrated in the figure of the father Su-Jin. First, he should be able to forgive his own girl who was “damaging” the family name. “To forget things easily is a blessing. Leave all your mistakes and start something new, “said the father with wisdom. After that, he must be willing to “forgive” her already in love with Ceol-Su. In fact, before the father did not like it because Ceol-Su is considered the workhorse of the head.

23Guess what, hard-hearted man and cold can also cry if he see his wife sick

1Ceol-Su Choi Su-Jin faithful care, even if it means wiping the wife who started indiscriminate defecation.

It was exactly the push Su-Jin to continue encouraging Ceol-Su as she hated her mother. His mother had to remove it, is now languishing in jail. It can only be free if no ransom. Su-Jin-Su hope Ceol cancel build a house of his savings and better freeing his mother. “Forgiveness is not that difficult. Forgiveness is giving a little place in your heart. Forgiveness is giving little space on hatred, “said Su-Jin.

After marriage Ceol-Su and Su-Jin, the film is the conflict actually began subtly and began to provoke emotion. How not, the audience is upset because the verdict Su-Jin diseases that are quite striking, but still realistic. Indirectly, we will be invited to learn patience and fidelity of the Ceol-Su, blue-collar workers who turned out to have courage, gentleness, and especially loyalty. You can imagine, when the family wanted to take care of Su-Jin and invited Ceol-Su to be free, he still insisted on caring for his wife, who even has forgotten about him.

So if you have old eyes not squeezed, please watch this awesome movie! Do not forget the tissue. :)

#ps. this one the saddest part from this movie….