Twist In My Story

Well, this is the 2nd time I’m dating with the boy who miles miles miles away from me.

He’s friend of my ex.

And then my ex, he used to be my best friend cuz we’ve been neighbor.  But, he says he love me. So we’re fallin love each other.  He’s cool guy. ‘till this time, he’s the only one from all my ex that used to have same religion with me.  He’s really great when he flirting with me lol. I trusted him. Really. But, the fact is…. His cheating. Its so damn hurt. I know it when I check his facebook inbox. And that bicth, she send me message. She says its like “do not disturb our relationship” .  I don’t understand, if he do love that bitch, why should asked me to be his girlfriend too? Dumb!

And then, right now, I’m get in long distance relationship [again]. I try not to really fallin. Cuz I’m still scared this will be a twist in my story. Hope that he wont disappointing me. but, he’s really nice to me. Sometimes, I cant help myself to stop thinking ’bout him. but, my experience will always remind me not to trust. okay thats all for this post.


Fight With Mom

well, i got a fight with my mom tonight. she knows about all money that my dad gave to me. I knew i was wrong. i didnt tell her ’bout that. but, why should we’re fighting? She says this isnt about money. its about trusting. well, but i think this should not be problem. i’m just human. i always made mistakes. but, my mom she said she wouldnt trust me anymore. for now, i dont know what i have to do.

any idea guys?


Job Training

hello, right now, I’m on Job Training.

Kinda feel bored cause I dont know what to do. Feels like Forever Alone without my friends. I missed all stuff at my school. All the homework and exams even when I do that fucking things I almost kill myself. but, well I guess I rather choose keep studying at school than at this place.

good thing from this Job Training its just we know how to act at company. what else can I say?
just….. do what ur boss says and then be good child. but I guess if I try to love all ppl here, it’ll make different situation. but, yeah… I just dont know how to be good child. u know I loved to messing with ppl surround me._.

haha LOL. okay, jst try love what I do. lalalala._.