The Weight of a Single Word

He wanted to. He really wanted to. The urge to tell her how he wanted to draw her in his arms and steal her breath away with the most poetic of soul-searing kisses was potent. He wanted to tell her he had never set his eyes on a more fascinating person, not only was she symmetrically pleasing to the eye but her mind was a breathtaking vista of knowledge and intellect. He wanted to tell her he felt spiritually connected to her ideals and her aura was magnetic in its colourful force. He wanted to tell her her ass was made for the steel of his hand, her hand was meant to fit into his, her piercing eyes did terrible things to his insides, his eyes were fixated, unequivocally, with her. He wanted to tell her he wanted to get right into the crux of her and sew his volition to hers.

But how he could say all these things without sounding completely whipped?

How could he tell her everything he wanted to tell her with sombre honesty and not cringe at the cheesiness of it all?

Running his hand through his hair, he decided to throw caution to the wind and just tell her. Just pluck up every ounce of courage and put himself out there.

And so when he saw her next, he walked up to her and said, “Hi,” and that was all that need be said. Everything else was weighted therein.


Top 10 Most Romantic Books Ever !

Romantic novels have earned themselves a special position in literature. For most people the idea of love begins with the romantic novels. Romance novels take us into a world of love and passion,where the characters play out our dreams and fantasies for our delight and satisfaction, which in turn provides us with a longing for more. This is our list of the top 10 most romantic novels ever written.

1) Margaret Mitchell – Gone with the wind. Scarlet the true representation of a woman in love makes this novel one of the most romantic ones ever written.

2) Erich Segal – Love Story. A romantic story about the love between a boy and a girl.

3) William Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet. An eternal love story of two young hearts, one of the best and most popular romantic novels of our time.

4) Emily Bronte – Wuthering Heights. A classic romance that captures the hearts right away.

5) Jude Devereaux – A Knight in Shining Armor. A romantic story about treason, love, intrigues and adventure.6) Daphne du Maurier – Rebecca. A novel of romance, mystery and passion, a dark psychological tale of secrets and betrayal.

7) Nicholas Sparks – The Notebook. A lot of drama that is expected from a romantic novel.

8) Jane Austen – Pride & Prejudice. Wealth, love, sex and romance. A novel that has it all.

9) Judith McNaught – Paradise. Two strong-willed characters maintain 11 years of unwarranted hostility based on a series of misunderstandings in this engaging romance.

10) Diana Gabaldon – Outlander. Love, full of conflicts, dilemma and contradiction. A true romance story.


Hukum Gauss

Apa yang dimaksud dengan Hukum Gauss ?


Karl Friedrich ( 1777 – 1855 ) seorang fisika dan matematika Jerman yang banyak sumbangannya kepada ilmu fisika teori dan fisika eksperimental. Rumusnyayang dikenal sebagai hukum Gauss merupakan ungkapan tentang suatu sifat penting medan elektrostatik.

“Jumlah garis-garis gaya listrik yang menembus atau menambah suatu permukaan tertutup sebanding dengan jumlah muatan listrik yang dilingkupi oleh permukaan tertutup tersebut dan sebagainya”

Hukum Gauss adalah sebuah hubungan antara medan di semua titik pada permukaan dengan muatan total yang tercakup di dalam permukaan itu. Hal ini mungkin kedengarannya menyerupai sebuah cara yang cenderung tidak langsung untuk menyatakan sesuatu, tetapi terbukti akan merupakan sebuah hubungan yang sangat berguna. Selain kegunaannya sebagai alat perhitungan Hukum Gauss akan mem-bantu kita mendapatkan penglihatan (insight) yang lebih dalam mengenai medan listrik. Hukum Gauss dapat digunakan untuk menghitung medan listrik dari sistem yang mempunyai kesimetrian yang tinggi (misalnya simetri bola, silinder, atau kotak).

Bagaimanakah menentukan kuat medan listrik  yang tersebar dalam suatu benda, misalnya bola? Untuk menentukan kuat medan listrik akibat distribusi muatan tertentu dipergunakan hukum Gauss. Gauss menurunkan hukumnya berdasarkan pada konsep-konsep garis-garis medan listrik. Kita bahas terlebih dulu konsep fluks listrik. Fluks listrik didefinisikan sebagai jumlah garis-garis medan listrik yang menembus tegak lurus suatu bidang.

Dengan θ adalah sudut antara arah E dan arah normal bidang n. Arah normal bidang adalah arah yang tegaklurus terhadap bidang (lihat gambar 4.1.17c).

(a)                                   (b)                                                    (c)

Gambar 4.1.17. (a) Garis-garis medan  medan antara listrik menembus bidang, (b) Garis-garis medan listrik   menembus bidang dengan sudut  θ, (c)  θ adalah sudut antara arah medan listrik dan arah normal bidang n.

Berdasarkan konsep fluks listrik ini, muncullah hukum Gauss, sebagai berikut:
Jumlah garis-garis medan listrik (fluks listrik) yang menembus suatu permukaan tertutup sama dengan jumlah muatan listrik yang dilingkupi oleh permukaan tertutup itu dibagi dengan permitivitas udara.

Φ = EA cos θ ……………………………………………………(4.1.7)
dengan A=luas permukaan tertutup, θ=sudut antara E dan arah normal n, dan Σq = muatan total yang dilingkupi oleh permukaan tertutup.
















1st Post!

How do I begin? This is my first ever blog post on my brand new website and (again). :D

I am not sure what to say… However, I never had a 100% personal blog, where I could post anything.

Now I have it and  this is my first post in it. I’ve ever read someone handwriting that “Sharing your learnings, your thoughts and experiences can help others. ”

This is my journey. enjoy it. anyway, I would love to know yours too! if you dont mind. ;) LOL Welcome to my new blog! I hope you add me to your blogroll, once again “if you dont mind” :p  so, stay up-to-date oki! ❤